Rare Sex Toys Stolen From Brothel Museum

Owner Discovers Theft While Escorting New York Times Reporter

Thieves broke into the historic Dumas Brothel museum in Butte, Mont., and stole what the owner described as irreplaceable items -- including rare, historic sex toys.

Owner Rudy Giecek said he believes at least two thieves entered through the museum's back door. He said they disabled an alarm and looted rooms.

They dismantled beds, stole antique lamps and artwork and emptied glass cases full of brothel artifacts.

Police are investigating and have distributed a list of the stolen items to local pawn shops.

The brothel was dubbed one of America's longest-running. It enjoyed 92 years of risque business until it was closed in 1982.

Giecek ran it as a museum for 15 years, but closed it earlier this month because of his health, safety concerns and lack of money.

He unlocked the museum Tuesday for a New York Times reporter and discovered the burglary.

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