Protest In Fort Collins Ends Peacefully

Antiwar Demonstrators, Troop Supporters Confront One Another

Despite some tense moments, an antiwar protest in Fort Collins ended peacefully Tuesday morning.

Fort Collins police in full riot gear met about 100 protesters who filled the streets along Prospect Road and College Avenue and blocked the busy intersection.

"Wake up America. Children are dying," the protesters chanted.

Carrying signs and chanting antiwar slogans, the demonstrators were mostly college students, but not everyone was against the war.

Some protesters were confronted by those who support the war and the effort to rid Iraq of Saddam Hussein.

"My dad fought World War II so we could have this freedom," said war supporter Becky Brown, pointing to the antiwar protesters. "My husband fought in the Vietnam War in support of our country ... and my (son and daughter) are over there to support America."

Fort Collins police were ready in case the protest got out of hand but they said the demonstration remained relatively peaceful and no arrests were made and no tear gas was used.

The group marched for about a mile. Protesters said that their aim was to disrupt traffic and make people driving nearby stop and realize that it is not "business as usual" when America is inflicting terrorism on the rest of the world.

The same group has planned another protest for later Tuesday afternoon.

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