Prosecutors Set To File Charges In Vail Shooting

Suspect In Case Has Several Previous Arrests Involving Weapons

Prosecutors plan to file charges Monday against a man suspected of killing one person and wounding three others in a shooting at a bar in Vail.

Police said 63-year-old Richard "Rossi" Moreau killed Carbondale doctor Gary Bruce Kitching in the Nov. 7 shooting.

Prosecutors have been considering filing first-degree murder charges against Moreau but District Attorney Mark Hurlbert said Thursday that the charges haven't been finalized.

Moreau told the Vail Daily in 2007 that he was taking medication for post-traumatic stress disorder he suffered after serving in Vietnam in the late '60s. He said he is a New Hampshire native who moved to Vail in 1970 and skis more than 150 days a year.

Search warrant affidavits in the case have been sealed.

The Vail Daily newspaper reported earlier this week that in 2002 Moreau was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct after threatening the lives of four men at a local Mexican restaurant.

According to the police report, a waiter at the restaurant heard Moreau yell to the men, "You're terrorists" and "I'm gonna kill you terrorists." The patrons told police that Moreau claimed he had a .45-caliber pistol in his bag.

When police searched Moreau's bag, there was no gun. Police said a blood-alcohol test on Moreau registered 0.258 percent.

Seven years before that, in 1995, Moreau was arrested after police said he was carrying a concealed gun at Garfinkel's bar and restaurant in Vail.

Moreau told police at the time that he always carried a handgun and had since 1969, when he was discharged from military service, according to the report.

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