Prosecutors: Barton's Husband Never Wrote Any Letter

Trial For Alleged Hayman Fire Arsonist Set For Aug. 26

Prosecutors said that they have enough evidence to prove that a Forest Service technician deliberately started the largest fire in the history of the state.

Trial date is set for Aug. 26 and is expected to last two weeks.

Prosecutors discount Terry Barton's claim that she accidentally set the fire when she burned an upsetting letter from her estranged husband on June 8.

Investigators say there is no evidence that any paper was burned where the fire started, 7NEWS reported. And her husband claims he never wrote her any letter.

The results of a forensic anaylsis on the ashes burned in the campfire ring are pending.

Prosecutors also accuse Barton of deliberately moving the rocks in a campfire ring and arranging grass and branches so the fire would escape, 7NEWS reported.

Meanwhile the 38-year-old mother of two remains in custody at the Jefferson County Jail in Golden.

Barton has enough assets to guarantee the $60,000 she has to post to get out on bond. She could be released as early as Monday, 7NEWS reported.

The judge says she will have to go to a halfway house and cannot enter any forests.

Barton was indicted on four counts, accusing her of deliberately setting the fire, destroying property and injuring at least one person in the national forest.

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