Private Schools In Voucher Dispute Let Students Stay

Private schools in Douglas County have agreed to keep teaching even though a judge halted a voucher program last week.

The district was offering parents and students the option of using taxpayer funds to attend the private school of their choice. The program is now on hold and the district must decide if it will fight a court-ordered injunction by appealing a judge's decision.

According to the Denver Post, private schools including Aspen Academy, Denver Christian Schools and Lutheran High School have notified the district that they will stand behind accepted voucher students.

Valor Christian High School's board says it hopes to make up the money through donations. Woodlands Academy in Castle Rock says it will allow 12 students in the voucher program to stay.

Denver District Judge Michael Martinez blocked the voucher program on Friday, saying it's a disservice to the public interest for taxpayers to pay tuition for religious schools.

The district says it is raising private funds to help pay for the legal costs of any potential appeal.

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