Power Outage Closes Museum For Second Day In Row

The Museum of Nature and Science evacuated Sunday because of yet another power outage.

They think the outage is the result of a blown fuse and there is smoke apparently coming from the boiler room.

This is the second day in a row the museum has had to close because of a power failure. Saturday's outage kept the museum closed for about four hours.

"Right now we have an emergency generator so we have emergency lighting and a little bit of power," said Julia Taylor of the Museum of Nature and Science. "But unfortunately we are turning people away from Body Worlds at this point until we have power again."

Body Worlds has temperature-sensitive exhibits, but Taylor said as long as the power is back on within a few hours, the exhibits should be ok.

The Body Worlds exhibit is sold out and anyone who had tickets to see the show during the time that it was closed Sunday has been asked to call the museum's reservation line at 303-322-7009.

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