Postal Worker Refuses To Deliver Mail Over Dog

Edgewater Police Shoot One Dog; Mail Delivery Won't Continue Until 2nd Dog Captured

Dozens of residents in Edgewater won't get home mail delivery until animal control impounds an aggressive pit bull.

A postal worker called police on Monday afternoon reporting aggressive dogs trying to attack him in the 2400 block of Newland Street. The postal worker reported the dogs had jumped through a window screen and were chasing him.

An Edgewater police officer ended up shooting and killing one of the dogs after it attacked officers.

Postal Worker Called 911 About Aggressive Dogs

"They're trying to attack me. I'm a letter carrier," said postal worker Brian Bogle in his 911 call. "There's three of 'em. They jumped through the screen window. There's a Rottweiler mix and he's right here in my face and I cannot move."

"OK, have you been bit by the dog?" asked the dispatcher.

"No. I just shoved a bunch of my mail in his mouth," said Bogle.

Bogle was delivering mail on Newland Street when he said he saw dogs half hanging out of a window with a torn screen.

As of May, Bogle no longer delivered to that house because he previously contacted police about an aggressive pit bull at the home.

When he saw the dogs in the window, he said he started running.

"I knew. I said, 'I gotta do something,' so I ran two houses down," said Bogle.

He said the Rottweiler jumped through the screen and ran after him. Bogle jumped on a porch swing and called 911.

"I'm on a swing balancing myself and I'm shoving mail in his mouth while I'm on the phone with Edgewater Police Department," said Bogle.

Officer Shoots Dog After It Attacks Police

Police said the Rottweiler ran at officers when they arrived at the scene. A sergeant was bit multiple times on the thigh.

"The other officer was still yelling at the girl, 'Get control of your dog.' And she could not get control of the dog," said Bogle.

The Rottweiler bit the second officer in the hand. That officer then shot and killed the dog.

"Was it justified that this dog was shot?" asked 7NEWS reporter Marshall Zelinger.

"Yes," said Bogle. "Once he bit the first officer, he ran over to the other officer, bit him, and that's when the officer took his hand and pushed his head away and that's when he shot the dog."

Postal Worker Refuses To Deliver Mail Until Dog In Custody

Police believe the family took the pit bull away from the residence. Jefferson County animal control is trying to take the dog into custody. Until that happens, no one on Newland Street between 24th Avenue and 25th Lane will have mail delivered to their home.

"I am allowed to cut the block off completely," said Bogle.

"I'm not necessarily OK with it, but I don't blame the mail guy," said neighbor Cat Cole. "If I was in his position, then I would probably do the same thing."

Cole and the residents of three dozen homes on Newland Street will need to go to the post office at 20th Avenue and Depew Street to get their mail.

"Is it fair to the other residents of this street to not get mail because of that one home?" asked Zelinger.

"I don't think it's fair but my safety has to be priority over the mail, I'm sorry," said Bogle.

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