Possible Mountain Lion In Castle Rock Neighborhood

Family Issues Warning For Castle Rock Residents

A Castle Rock family says a mountain lion wandered just outside their backyard. They captured the cat in the Sapphire Pointe subdivision on their video camera.

Lisa Heir says her husband videotaped the cat, while she called the Colorado Division of Wildlife.

"I just think people need to be aware," said Heir. "My son is back here playing and sometimes I go inside for a minute. What would it take for a mountain lion to jump the fence and take a child."

The Heirs says an officer with the Division of Wildlife told them he believed the animal was a bobcat and not a mountain lion.

"No, we saw it with our naked eye, it is not," said Heir.

Both Lisa and her husband Bob say the cat had a long tail with a black tip which is typical for a moutain lion.

The family just wants residents in the area to be aware of the cat so that pets and children can be protected.

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