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Meet the famous street juggler who performs by the Cherry Creek Shopping Center

13 months ago, David Forrey decided to commit full-time to juggling
The famous juggler by the Cherry Creek Shopping Center
Posted at 9:00 PM, Jul 07, 2022
and last updated 2022-07-07 23:50:56-04

DENVER — At some point, everyone has probably asked themselves, "How do I get out of these 40-hour work weeks?"

It's hard to have an answer, but 28-year-old David Forrey came up with one 13 months ago when he decided to quit his entry level job and commit full time to juggling for tips.

A few of his friends — who are now his roommates — had already decided to busk for a living, and he realized this could free him from the monotony of a regular gig.

"I had no free time. I barely had enough money to do anything on my two off days," Forrey told Denver7 at his home in north Denver. "So, you know, I wanted to live for myself again. And yeah, juggling helped me do that."

In the above video, you can hear more about how he entertains and survives "off the generosity of strangers."

If you ever see him juggling and do not have cash, his Venmo is @GreenLightJuggler.