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"It made me cry:" Neighbors spread cheer through music to Lone Tree woman with health issues

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Posted at 11:27 AM, Apr 02, 2022
and last updated 2022-04-02 19:20:13-04

LONE TREE, Colo. — A Lone Tree woman who has been struggling with ongoing health problems received a sweet surprise from a talented group of neighbors after she recently got home from the hospital.

Nancy Holwell has been dealing with several medical issues over the past few years, including chronic pain.

When she recently got home from the hospital, her neighbors knew exactly what to do to cheer her up.

A group of kids put on a musical performance for her. The children, who are all siblings, are a part of the Colorado Youth Pipe Band.

Aiden Palmer said he had played music for Holwell before and knew how much she enjoyed listening to it.

"I mean, it's fun. And I like that I can like make other people happy when I play," said Aiden.

"It was just so uplifting and it made me cry. It was just such a wonderful surprise to come home to because I was feeling so down," said Holwell. "I just had tears streaming down my face the whole time they played, just that someone would care to do that was really touching."

Holwell said bagpipe music is her favorite. It holds a special meaning for her because she and her mom both loved listening to it. She lost her mom in 2012.

"I cared for her at the end. She passed away at my home. When it came time to plan the funeral, I had insisted on bagpipes and it was so beautiful," said Holwell.

She said she's been asking her mom for a miracle lately as she's been struggling with her health.

"I had been in so much pain the last year that I had been begging my mom and God to just please help me cope, please help me cope, please. And then Aiden showed up when I was feeling really down with not a good prognosis from the doctors, and I thought, this is so crazy," added Holwell.

Holwell recently shared a video of the performance on social media and it has since been seen thousands of times and has received hundreds of supportive messages from the community.