Trump/Pence offices open in Colorado, Clinton camp goes after the Latino vote

Posted at 3:45 PM, Aug 20, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-20 21:02:19-04

DENVER -- Donald Trump continues to trail Hillary Clinton in Colorado based on recent polls. In the end, the local Latino vote could be the decider.

Colorado is a swing state and despite what the polls are showing, local Republicans for Trump are fired up. While Clinton's camp is zeroing in on the Latino vote, Trump/Pence campaign offices are opening up across the Front Range.

A large crowd poured into Trump's Jefferson County office that opened for the first time Saturday morning.

"There is tremendous excitement for Donald Trump in Colorado," said Patrick Davis, the director of the Colorado Trump for President campaign.

"What he says to the people of Colorado: help is on the way."

As Trump supporters celebrated their new office, Clinton's camp was in Commerce City talking with Hispanics outside a Mexican restaurant. They emphasized the importance of getting out to vote.

"The two candidates couldn't be more different...especially for the Hispanic community," said Texas Congressman Joaquin Castro.

Trump has been accused of not being in touch with the Latino community -- some going as far as calling him a racist. His talk of building a wall at the border is a storyline that hasn't gone away.

Trump supporter Linda Auburn has her own take on that.

"When we close our borders... that gives everybody...every matter what color they are...a better chance at a better job," said Auburn. "We have so many illegal people coming in taking our jobs."
On Saturday, Trump and the Republican National Committee sat down with Hispanic supporters at Trump Tower in an effort to attract minority voters. 

"I'll be surprised if he picks up any Hispanic support," said Castro. "Not only did he slander immigrants at the beginning of his campaign...but he also basically said that somebody of Hispanic heritage was not qualified to do his job as a judge simply because he was Hispanic."

With a little more than two months left until election day, local Republicans refuse to buy into that rhetoric.

"Donald Trump is doing very well with Hispanics right now," said Davis. "I think you'll see in the coming weeks how well he is doing."


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