Trump supporters help #HillaryForPrision trend on Twitter, but why?

Posted at 1:12 PM, Nov 01, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-01 15:12:09-04

WASHINGTON -- When Twitter fans glanced at Twitter on Monday morning, they noticed an interesting -- but potentially intentional -- spelling error on #HillaryForPrision.

Fans of Hillary Clinton, the Democratic nominee for President, enjoyed the misspelling, but may have missed the overall point by her detractors. 

After glancing through thousands of messages on Twitter, it's clear many who used the hashtag did so intentionally with the thought that Twitter would not be able to suppress the spelling error.

Those supporters suggest Twitter has suppressed a similar, but correctly spelled, hashtag #HillaryForPrison. There's no evidence to suggest that, and Twitter hasn't responded to request for comment on that matter. 

However, resources on their website suggest Twitter maintains it does not influence or block certain messages from showing as trending. 

The trend had disappeared by the afternoon, however supporters say they got their point across. 

See some of the top Tweets from the trend below.