Trump, Clinton campaigns brace for final 'get out the vote' push in Colorado

Posted at 9:51 PM, Nov 03, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-03 23:51:04-04

DENVER -- Election Day just five days away and volunteers from both the Trump and Clinton campaigns are working overtime to get out the vote in Colorado.

They’re going door-to-door, for face-to-face meetings, or they’re manning call centers to try to chat on the phone.

Jack and Maribeth Berry, both Hillary Clinton supporters, canvassed the neighborhoods near I-25 and Yale Thursday. Their goal was to make contact with people who have yet to cast ballots.

“This is a street map,” Maribeth said. “All these little dots are where people live.”

Maribeth said it’s a very targeted effort.

“We don’t want to focus on people who have already voted,” she said.

Jack Berry said the face-to-face meetings go a long way toward reminding people of their responsibility to vote.

Ann Kochenberger also went door-to-door for the Clinton campaign. She focused on Southwest Denver.

When asked if the volunteers really make a difference, Kochenberger told Denver 7, “I think we do.”

She said earlier this week, she knocked on the door of an elderly woman.

“The woman said, ‘Oh my gosh, is it that time already?”

Donald Trump supporters spent the afternoon making phone calls from a call center in Thornton.

“We’ve treated every single day like Election Day,” said Ali Pardo, the Republican National Committee’s press secretary for Hispanic media. “We have volunteers all day, every day talking to people, making sure we’re turning out the vote.”

Floyd Trujillo is one of the volunteers manning the phones.

“I’m calling from the Hispanics for Trump Campaign,” he told one voter. “I just wanted to make sure you’ve got your ballot turned in.”

Al Jacobson, a candidate for House District 32, was at the Trump call center Thursday afternoon.

He told Denver7 that he never received a ballot in the mail, so he had to effort one himself.

He said the call center staff has learned there are others in the same boat.

“My hope is that these phone calls will encourage people. They’ll hear it and go, ‘I didn’t get my ballot. I better go get one,’” he said.

Both camps said the campaign has been very divisive and has last too long.

Several volunteers said they can’t wait till it’s over.

The Colorado Secretary of State said he sent out 3.26 million ballots this year. So far, 1.4 million have been returned.


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