Presidential candidate's debate stage going into place at University of Denver

DENVER - The stage is going up at the University of Denver for next week's Presidential debate.

The main riser is in place and the stage will be set up on Monday.

"It will be a very clean, very elegant set up and millions of people will be watching," said Peter Eyre from the Commission on Presidential Debates.

In addition to black curtains and a special stage, additional air conditioning is being installed inside the Magness Arena. 

"The single thing that we want to focus on when setting up this stage and the set is to make sure the candidates are comfortable, so certainly air conditioning is part of it," said Eyre

The candidates will get time to rehearse on Wedneday. Both will get private time to rehearse and get comfortable on the stage. 

The media room is also being prepared. The rows of red and white tables are being arranged to accommodate about 4,000 journalists. It's in the same area where campaign leaders and high profile politicians will offer remarks after the debate.

Security will be tight and the public will not be allowed to attend or visit the location.

"This is the single time during the campaign cycle when both candidates will be on stage together in a single place, so very obvious reasons, security needs to be very very tight," said Eyre.

The debates are organized by the Commission on Presidential Debates, a nonprofit established in 1987 to sponsor and produce debates for presidential and vice presidential candidates.

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