Perlmutter Talking Health Care In Grocery Visit

Perlmutter Takes Questions, Concerns On Health Care Reform

The health care debate is heating up on the home front, as government town halls move to Colorado.

Boos and cheers greeted Democratic Rep. Ed Perlmutter Saturday, as he arrived at a Brighton King Soopers grocery store.

About 500 people, both supporters and opponents of the proposed legislation, filled the parking lot, carrying signs and chanting slogans. Cheers of “yes we can” were challenged by people shouting “socialism doesn’t work.”

Supporter Jan Bach said, “Health care can no longer wait. I am really excited that we have a president that is looking out for the needs of the people, instead of the corporate fat cats on the hill.”

However, opponents said the government is moving too quickly to push through legislation.

“There’s too many things people don’t understand. People are misinformed,” said Nancy Roberts, who came with a list of questions for Perlmutter.

Perlmutter listened to both sides and attempted to explain the government’s plan to small groups. Each group of five had only a few minutes to talk to Perlmutter one-on-one.

The congressman wrote down some of their concerns and questions to take back to Washington, D.C., in September.

The event, which lasted two hours, got heated among individuals in the crowd. One woman yelled at another woman, “I need health care for my daughter. You are buying into a lie, and you are spreading lies.”

The rowdiness escalated when a King Soopers customer, who apparently had just finished cancer treatment, was shoved unintentionally. She was okay. However, organizers threatened to end the event, if people didn’t calm down.

Not everyone who came out had an opportunity to talk to Perlmutter in the time allowed. He said he will hold a teleconference to take more public comment in the near future.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi visited a Denver health clinic Thursday to talk up the proposal, while Colorado's two Republicans are planning events of their own decrying the changes.

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