Obama Tells Students: 'Don't Boo Them. Vote.'

Obama Drops By 'The Buff' Before CU Speech

President Barack Obama had the same message for CU and CSU students this week, telling them who don’t like Republican Mitt Romney: "Don’t boo them. Vote."

The Democratic candidate on Sunday took his campaign message to the University of Colorado-Boulder, a liberal enclave in a state seen as a critical battleground this November. Obama appealed to CU’s students, telling them they lost to CSU in football Saturday night but they have a chance to get back.

"I know the Rocky Mountain Showdown did not go the way you wanted, so I'll tell you what. We are going to give you a chance to get even," the President said.

He spoke to a crowd of 13,000 in the quad, just west of Northlin library. Students seemed excited for the President's challenge and ready to take action.

"We can always be egged on, and it's the perfect approach for him," said Freshman Kelsey O'Neill.

It's that new thinking that has President Obama reaching out to the younger generation, telling them he's invested in the youth through increased funding for pell grants and college tax credits.

He also told the middle class, he will fight to cut their taxes and continue to implement his health care plan.

Colorado University graduate student James Faulkner has volunteered for Obama's campaign before and was excited to see him on campus.

"I think he built America from the middle class," said Faulkner. "I appreciate the Obamacare. The fact I can be on my parents' health care, and what he does for student loans is amazing."

Obama told the crowd he will explain his plan for the future of America at the Democratic National Convention Thursday in North Carolina.

"I just think he's looking forward," said voter Sharron Schwarz.

This trip marks the eighth time President Obama has visited Colorado this year. His opponent Governor Mitt Romney has been here nine times in 2012.

Before the CU rally, Obama stopped at "The Buff" restaurant and chatted with patrons having eggs and coffee.

Reporters heard Obama commenting on how good the food looked as he asked people about their lives.

One college student who was waiting for Obama to get to her table said, "I'm just so hungry."

Wait staff at the restaurant wore T-shirts that said "Eat In The Buff."

Obama's Colorado visit is part of a three-day tour that will take him into his convention opening Tuesday in Charlotte, N.C.

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