Obama Encourages Young Voters In CSU Speech

President Obama Encouraged Young Adults To Register To Vote.

President Barack Obama told students at Colorado State University in Fort Collins that their votes could decide the outcome of the November election.

The president took the stage at the Monfort Quad at about 4:40 p.m. Tuesday, nearly 40 minutes ahead of schedule. He was introduced by campaign volunteer and CSU sophomore Haley Damm-Hamblin, of Colorado Springs.

Obama is seeking to tap the enthusiasm that drove millions of young people to campaign and vote for him in 2008. His campaign team is working to register voters who were in high school back then.

Within the first few minutes of his speech, he pointed out volunteers in the crowd who were there to help register voters.

"I believe this generation is full of passion and full of service," Obama said.

Obama told the crowd that Republican rival Mitt Romney doesn't have a plan to move the country forward and has written off young people as a "lost generation."

The crowd booed when Obama mentioned that the Republican party will lay out their plans at their national convention in Tampa.

“Don’t boo, vote,” Obama quipped.

Obama told college students they have the most at stake in November's presidential election and says their generation will determine the nation's path. He told students their votes will determine the path into the future on issues ranging from the war in Afghanistan to national energy policy.

“If we win Colorado, we will win this election. If we win Fort Collins, we will win this election," Obama said.

A Romney campaign spokesman sent 7NEWS a statement reacting to Obama's speech saying, "Burdened by the weight of a faltering economy and policies that haven't made life better for middle-class families, President Obama and his campaign seem more frustrated and flailing than usual. The President’s desperate attacks tonight stand in stark contrast to the Romney-Ryan plan that will get our country back on track and create 12 million new jobs and more take-home pay for middle-class Americans."

Pot Advocates Tie Campaign To Obama College Visits

Marijuana activists are using Obama's college campaign swing to promote their own pitch for legalization.

As thousands waited in line at Colorado State University to see the president Tuesday, marijuana campaign workers in orange shirts passed out fliers about a measure on Colorado ballots to legalize marijuana for recreational use.

Colorado Campaign To Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol marked the president's Colorado visit to Fort Collins by releasing a list of dozens of college professors from campuses nationwide in favor of legalization.

Obama has said legalization of marijuana won't happen "any time soon." Marijuana backers are hoping to promote legalization among the young voters the president is courting.

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