Obama Coffee Cup Raises More Than Questions

Which Finger Is Extended In The Background?

Have you seen the President Barack Obama commemorative coffee cup sold by 7-Eleven?

It features a photo of the new president, the White House, and a group of supporters.

A 7NEWS viewer contacted us and said he thought one of the upraised hands on the cup was displaying the middle finger.

We went to 7-Eleven and bought a cup, so we could take a look for ourselves. While there, we asked four customers what they thought. All four said it was definitely the middle finger.

Followers of @DenverChannel on Twitter posted several opinions that included: LollyH "Looks like the middle finger to me."

An informal poll around the newsroom resulted in a more mixed response. Some said it was middle finger, several others said it was the index finger, and a few said it could be either one.

"It's actually the fourth finger, celebrating being No. 1," said Margaret Chabris, with 7-Eleven in Dallas. "It was taken off the official Obama Web site."

Chabris said the issue came to their attention "a day or two ago" and they talked to the manufacturer in a conference call about it. The manufacturer assured them it was not the middle finger.

Take a look at the photo in this story and let us know what you think by taking our survey or by posting your responses at the bottom of this story.

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