Numbers show slightly more Republicans voting early in Colorado

DENVER - One-fifth of Colorado voters have already cast their ballot and according to early numbers from the Secretary of State's office.

Republicans are slightly outpacing Democrats.

Numbers show Republicans have cast 244,263 votes or 39% of the total.  Democrats have cast 225,850 votes or 36% of the total.  Another 149,877 votes were cast by independent voters or 24%.

Four years ago democrats had the early voting edge.

"Republicans are doing a much better job turning out early voters than they did in 2008.  So the voters who are turning out look more like Colorado's electorate than they have in the past," said Political Science Professor, Peter Hanson.

The GOP is also leading in Larimer, Arapahoe and Jefferson counties, three crucial counties with high populations of independent voters.

Hanson said independent voters will decide the race.

"They're not showing up in as large of numbers right now and their votes are the ones that are going to decide the race.  I would take any claims that one side is ahead with a grain of salt," Hanson said.

The numbers don't reveal which candidate people voted for, only which party they're affiliated with.

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