Nighthorse-Campbell Talks About Running For Governor

Retiring Senator Considers Remaining In Politics

Retiring U.S. Sen. Ben Nighthorse Campbell, whose Senate seat was tightly contested by Pete Coors and Ken Salazar, said on 7NEWS that he is considering running for governor in two years.

In 2006, fellow Republican Gov. Bill Owens will be prevented from running again because of term limits.

Campbell announced in March that he would not run for a third term because of health concerns and because he wanted to be near his family.

But on Tuesday evening, Campbell said that he was feeling well enough to remain in politics.

"I feel a little bit guilt-ridden in one respect though, that I've caused so much confusion in the state of Colorado," he said. "But the flip side of the guilt-ridden coin is that I think we've inspired a lot of new young voters to get out and get active for the candidate of their choice, who might not have been involved if I had stayed in the race. There will be a governor's race coming up. I've had some calls about that. If I had were to make a decision right now, I would say 'No, I think I might have had enough.' But in this business, you never say never. So if I get a second wind and I feel that there is a support at the grass-roots level, I might have a run at that governor's race in two year."

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