Jeffco School Board Asks Vince Chowdhury To Resign

Embattled School Board Member Pleads Guilty To Assaulting Daughter

Jefferson County school board member Vince Chowdhury honked his horn, but his wife and daughter didn't open the garage door fast enough.

He became angry.

According to the arrest affidavit, Chowdhury confronted his daughter.

He admits slapping her but denies her claim that he tried to choke her.

Katherine Chowdhury told authorities that she helped her daughter break free from her father and ordered her to run upstairs and lock herself in a bathroom. Katherine then called 911, and remained on the phone until police arrived.

Chowdhury pleaded guilty to third degree assault Tuesday and was given a one year deferred sentence.

Charges of harassment and violation of a restraining order were dismissed.

"This was a fair disposition of a case that Mr. Chowdhury has taken responsibility for," said defense attorney and fellow school board member, Dave Thomas.

"I would like to apologize... especially to my wife and daughter," said a contrite Chowdhury after his hearing.

"The intent was to discipline my child who I felt was being disrespectful to (her) father. I know now there's a better way of handling the situation."

Chowdhury asked for forgiveness and appealed to the community to consider his 15 years of service to Jefferson County.

When asked if he was going to step down from his school board position, Chowdhury said, "I just went through a legal proceeding, I have to take one step at a time."

The school board took a big step Tuesday evening, voting in special session to ask the embattled board member to resign.

In a press release, district officials said, "While they were saddened, they felt they needed to act in the best interest of the district and its students."

Chowdhury is also running, as a Democrat, for the District 22 house seat. He said he hasn't given any thought to dropping out of the race.

In addition to the one-year deferred sentence, Chowdhury has been ordered to take anger management and parenting classes.

A restraining order which forbids him from contacting his wife and daughter will remain in place unless it is lifted at the request of his family.

The judge modified the order to allow Chowdhury and his wife to communicate by e-mail.

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