Jeffco Public Schools tell candidates to stop using their logo in campaign flier

GOLDEN, Colo. - Attorneys representing Jeffco Public Schools have sent a cease and desist letter to candidates for state senate who used the district's logo in a campaign mailing.

Tim Neville, a self-described "Independent Republican," is running for office in Senate District 16. The campaign flier in question criticizes incumbent State Senator Jeanne Nicholson.

Beside the district's logo, the flyer states: "Jeffco schools are in crisis because Denver politicians like Jeanne Nicholson are keeping funding from the classroom while giving more power to corrupt union bosses."

Neville's statement of "crisis" in the district references recent widespread protesting over the conservative board majority's decisions regarding teacher compensation and a plan to review the AP US History Curriculum. 

State Senate candidates Laura Woods and Tony Sanchez also sent similar fliers using the same district logo. 

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Attorneys with Caplan and Earnest LLC sent the campaign the cease and desist letter on Wednesday. A copy of the letter was provided to 7NEWS by a district spokeswoman.

"This unauthorized use of the District logo has created confusion among the public with respect to the District's role in your campaign," the letter says. "It also constitutes trademark infringement in violation of applicable law."

"The District prefers to resolve this matter without taking legal action, but is prepared to file a lawsuit if necessary to protect the District's rights."

But for parent Darcie Bolton-Weiser, the most concerning part of the mailing was on the other side of the mailing. The back features a blatantly edited image from a recent student protest. A message on the sign is clearly changed to support the board's agenda.

"If my kids were on that flier, I would be appalled," Weiser said. "They've taken something and spun it the other way for their own use."

Neville is the brother-in-law of Jeffco School Board Member Julie Williams. He was the only candidate to respond to inquiries fro 7NEWS, although his statement didn't quite address the questions. It said the crisis in the district could be eliminated by giving more control to parents and students.

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