GOP VP candidate Paul Ryan campaigns in Colorado Springs, Fort Collins

Republican vice-presidential candidate Paul Ryan campaigned  in Colorado on Wednesday.

Ryan says President Obama is projecting weakness to the country's foreign enemies.

   The Republican Vice Presidential nominee told a crowd in Fort Collins Wednesday that the turmoil in the Middle East reminds him of Tehran in 1979. He said that a president who doesn't strongly defend the country's values invites challenges overseas.
   Ryan also claimed Obama is not dealing with the country's growing debt burden.
   The Obama campaign responded by criticizing Ryan for proposing budget cuts that would harm veterans and students.
Ryan sat down for a one-on-one interview with CALL7 Investigator Theresa Marchetta.

"For women voters who are fiscally conservative.. but pro choice.. what do you say to those voters?" Marchetta asked.

"People may not agree with us on these social issues.  Let's just agree to disagree  and be respectful of each other at that time. But right now, we've got to get people back to work," Ryan said.

   Ryan reminisced about how he's been taking family trips to Colorado since he was a kid to hike and ski. He's here now because it's one of the pivotal battleground states. 

"The Romney/Ryan ticket at this point has trailed in Latino voters. What can you speak to in terms of immigration reform to that Latino population in Colorado?" asked Marchetta.

"We see legal immigration as a good thing for America (but) we gotta fix the broken system.  It doesn't work for anybody (it) doesn't work for the immigrant.,  for anybody," said Ryan.  "We want to make sure people come to this country legally, in a secure, safe way.  We want to make sure we protect our borders, We want to make sure we improve the identity of people."

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