Personhood Election Results: Amendment 67 fails in Colorado

DENVER - Colorado voters have rejected Amendment 67, a proposal to add "unborn human beings" to the state's criminal code, a measure that some feared could ban abortion.

The amendment failed with 1,166,843 "NO" votes and 649,099 "YES" votes, with 92 percent of counties reporting.



It was the third attempt in recent years to grant "personhood" to the unborn.

Voters across most demographic groups rejected Amendment 67 in Tuesday's election, according to preliminary exit poll results. It was rejected by voters who identified as Democrats and Independent or other. Republicans were about split.

The measure also had significant opposition among those who opposed abortion and those who identified as evangelicals or born-again Christians.

The personhood issue was an important part of the U.S. Senate race, with Sen. Mark Udall highlighting congressman Cory Gardner's past support of measures to grant legal rights to fertilized eggs. Gardner voters were about split on the issue.

Petitions to get Amendment 67 on the ballot were organized by the "A Voice For Brady," which was named in honor of Heather Surovik's unborn child, who was killed in a crash during her eighth month of pregnancy.

Other supporting groups listed by the Secretary of State include "Personhood Colorado" and the openly religious group "Colorado Right to Life."

Only one opponent is listed, the "No On Personhood - Vote No 67 Campaign Committee." That group argues that the amendment "goes too far" and would effectively criminalize all abortions.

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