Colorado Governor Hickenlooper, lawmakers are at odds about fate of Syrian refugees

Opposition grew after Paris terrrorist attacks


Governor John Hickenlooper said again Thursday that Coloradans need to be compassionate to the many widows and orphans trying to get to safety.

We're going to win this war,” said Hickenlooper. “And it's not going to be easy, and there's going to be some risk involved. But, we can't just put our heads in the sand."

The comments came after the U.S. House of Representatives voted to halt the Syrian Refugee Resettlement Program earlier in the day. 

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Other state lawmakers said Colorado should be cautious because of the threat of terrorists disguising themselves as refugees.

“I don't believe the citizens of Colorado have been convinced that the program to allow Syrian refugees into the country is going to keep them safe,” said Representative Brian DelGrosso, R-Loveland. “And all I'm saying is, ‘Convince us.' I would like the administration to convince us we’re safe.”

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The governor said he doesn’t think others in his position have the authority in constitution or statute to deny someone entry into the state.

"If they're here legally, we can't tell them they can't come into our state,” said Hickenlooper. “We can't tell them they can't live here."

DelGrosso said Coloradans are nervous and it's time to put the program on hold.


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