Colorado Counties Politically Red, White And Blue

Independents Have Slight Lead

With two weeks to go before Election Day, both presidential campaigns are focused on Colorado, but their strengths are in different parts of the state.

It has been widely reported that Colorado is almost evenly divided between Republicans, Democrats and Independents, and while true, the state has huge geographical differences.

In Colorado, Republicans have the majority of registered voters in 36 counties. Democrats have the edge in 16 counties and unaffiliated voters have the advantage in 12 counties.

In the closing days, the campaigns are after voters like Seth Nulton. He is on the fence and said he will probably go with his gut on Election Day. Nulton said he is a hunter who is concerned about Sen. Barack Obama's views on guns, but as a young man, he is also worried that Sen. John McCain may be too tied to the past. He said he is leaning toward Obama, but could easily be persuaded to vote for McCain.

The last time a Democratic presidential candidate won in Colorado was in 1992 when Bill Clinton was elected president. That year, Ross Perot was also on the ballot and captured almost one in four votes.

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