Arapahoe County Sees Seismic Shift In Registration

Democrats Outnumber Republicans In Former GOP County

Monday was a hectic day at election offices throughout the metro area as officials scrambled to process last minute voter registration forms.

The last minute rush brought some big surprises, especially in Arapahoe County.

"For the first time ever, the Democrats have more registered voters than Republicans," said County Clerk and Recorder Nancy Doty.

Arapahoe County has long been a bastion for the GOP.

"I'm surprised," Doty said. "But the Democratic Party has been registering voters and they've been very enthusiastic, with a lot of passion."

Doty said that as of midday Monday there were 112,200 Republicans and 112,400 Democrats. She said 107,000 voters are unaffiliated. Those numbers could change once last minute registrations are tallied.

In Jefferson County, the GOP still holds a substantial edge. There are 126,525 Republicans and 115,127 Democrats. There are 121,727 voters unaffiliated in Jefferson County.

In the City and County of Denver, Republicans number just 71,066. There are 192,656 Democrats and 136,656 unaffiliateds.

And in Adams County, there are 55,731 Republicans, 75,331 Democrats and 77,543 unaffiliateds.

Voters have until the end of the business day to submit paperwork in person if they're not already registered to vote.

If they plan to mail their registration forms, the envelope must be postmarked Monday.

If you have questions about your registration status, you can contact your county clerk, or you can go online at

Many voters are asking for mail in ballots.

Jefferson County Clerk and Recorder Pam Anderson said more than 197,000 ballots were delivered to the U.S. Postal Service Monday.

"We've had a high demand this year from voters who want to have a paper ballot delivered to them by mail," said Anderson. "It has been our goal to get those ballots to them as soon as possible, so we are pleased that we were able to drop off the bulk of our mail-in ballots this early."

Voters who applied for a mail-in ballot for the 2008 General Election before Sept. 24 should receive their ballot early this week. Ballots for voters who applied since Sept. 24 will be sent in a supplemental mailing later this week.

Voters have until Oct. 28 to apply for a mail-in ballot to be delivered to their home.

Anderson continues to encourage voters to be prepared for a long ballot this year, and to cast their ballots as early as possible.

"Remember, Tuesday, Nov. 4, is not the only day to cast your ballot; it is the last day to cast your ballot," Anderson added.

Metro area voters will have the option of early voting from Oct. 20 through Oct. 31, casting a mail-in ballot, or voting on Election Day.

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