Ann Romney talks about her husband's and the family's pre-debate rituals, encouragement

Wife reminds Mitt of his many debates with 5 sons

DENVER - Ann Romney said she feels calm about the approaching presidential debate between her husband and Barack Obama.

The Republican nominee's wife made her first Colorado appearance Tuesday at a Victory Rally at Hudson Gardens and Event Center at 6115 S. Santa Fe Drive.

Afterward, in a one-on-one interview with 7NEWS, Ann Romney said her husband developed a ritual that helped him during the Republican debates. He thinks of his late father, who also ran for president.

"The first thing he does is goes up to the stage. They have a piece of paper there and he writes 'Dad,' just so that he remembers," she said.

"You remember at moments like this, these poignant moments, these significant moments.  How you got here and how grateful you are for your parents."

Ann Romney said the whole family will gather to pray before the debate begins. She said they'll be asking for peace and calm as her husband enters into an important discussion about the issues.

She also shared a thought that she recently shared with her husband.

“I tell him, ‘You know what sweetie, you had five boys. You learned to argue really well and make your points years ago. Just go with that,’” she said.

"How will you keep you nerves in check?  You are a strong woman. But even with the experiences you've had, this has to some what nerve-racking?" asked 7NEWS reporter Marc Stewart.

"Do you know, it's amazing, I don't if you can sense it in me. I have this enormous sense of peace and I have this whole election cycle," said Mrs. Romney.

Mitt Romney arrived in Denver Monday. He spoke at a rally that night and spent Tuesday in Denver preparing for the debate.

His one public appearance Tuesday was an unscheduled stop for lunch at the Stapleton Chipotle, on 7400 E. 29th Ave.

His wife told 7NEWS that she was disappointed she didn't get to share lunch with her husband.


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