Amendment 54 Looks To Stop Some Campaign Contributions

Opponents Say Amendment Deceptive; Supporters Say It Would Clean Up Government

Amendment 54 would stop companies and unions with “no bid” government contracts from giving money to political campaigns.

Supporters say passing the Amendment would clean up the government, making sure taxpayers are protected when the government puts contracts out to bid for projects.

"Amendment 54 prohibits individuals and companies who receive no bid government contracts totaling $100,000 or more from being able to contribute to political campaigns, candidates, elected officials, and issue committees," supporter tom Lucero told 7News.

"We believe if it's a ‘no bid’ contract, tax payers lose,” Lucero said. “In every no bid contract we pulled, ‘oh by the way they like to give campaign contributions.’"

But opponents say the Amendment 54 goes too far, taking people away from the political process.

"These amendments are going to end up making what we do harder. It is a bad idea to silence the voices of firefighters," Joel Heinemann told 7News.

"It's a right that every other American has. A right many will continue to have,” Heinemann said. “If Amendment 54 passes, firefighters will be prohibited from contributing to campaigns of political leaders that would support our issues."

Those behind Amendment 54 say union members can still give money to a political campaign, they will just have to do it individually. But opponents say the amendment is deceptive and will take away their rights.

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