5,000 pack DebateFest on DU Campus

Outdoor event held for overflow audience

DENVER - As many as 5,000 students and faculty at the University of Denver joined members of the public  in "DebateFest" on the DU campus Wednesday.

The event is a free, ticketed, on-campus, outdoor event with food, live music, activities -- followed by a live, outdoor telecast of the debate.

Chancellor Robert Coombe kicked off the event for which participants had lined up down Evans Avenue prior to the 3 p.m. opening.

By 4 p.m., the event was at capacity and no more people were being allowed in.

7NEWS talked to an undecided couple about how much is riding on the debate:

"A lot," said Amanda Coppom.  "I think it's really important to me to kind of feel their energy and to kind of get a gauge on their sincerity that's going to be a big factor for me …  I also am really conflicted because of economic issues, determining who I think has a better plan for the middle class and social issues are important to me.  So there's a lot riding on it."

Her husband, DU Law student Jonathan Coppom, said it's exciting to be a part of history at DU.

"I'm an undecided voter. I have certain policies that I agree with the Republicans on and certain policies that I agree with the Democrats on so it's difficult at times to decide who I'm going to vote for. So, I want to hear what they have to say tonight to help me decide who I think will run the country the best."

Temperatures plummeted after the sun went down and people that started the afternoon eating ice cream in the warm sun donned warm coats as they watched the debate on a projection screen.

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