Police: Thief Took Woman's Panties, Bras

Apartment Burglarized In Boulder

A Boulder woman who went out of town for two weeks says she came home to find a burglar had taken her lingerie, but not her electronics and other valuables.

The woman called police when she found the burglar had taken all of her panties, bras, belts and swimsuits, police said.

The woman said that before leaving, she locked the windows in her bedroom as well as the window in the living room. She said that the lock on the window in the kitchen is broken so she was not able to lock that window, but she did lock the deadbolt on the front door when she left.

The woman told police that she noticed the soap bottle on the kitchen counter had been knocked over.

Investigators said nothing else of value was stolen including a TV, Playstation 2 and a jar of money.

The property owner who lives next door told police she did not see anything unusual during the two weeks the tenant was gone.

There are no suspects, police said.

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