Police: Student Attacks Teacher For Taking Away Cell Phone

Police Investigate Another Incident At Hinkley High School

It's been two tough days for Hinkley High School in Aurora.

On Tuesday authorities announced that boys on the soccer team were being investigated for pulling a crude prank on at least one teammate.

On Wednesday, 7NEWS confirmed that Aurora police are investigating a report of a Tuesday morning attack by a teenage girl against a substitute teacher who confiscated her cell phone in the classroom.

The attack occurred during a morning class between 9:35 a.m. and 11:15 a.m., when a teenage girl was caught with her cell phone after the teacher had told her to put it away, said Aurora police spokesman Bob Friel. Because of privacy laws, police and school officials would not specify the girl's age or the class grade-level.

The mother of a student who witnessed the incident told 7NEWS the girl was texting on her phone.

After the teacher confiscated the phone, the girl rose up and began yelling and using abusive language as she charged at the female teacher, police said.

The teen allegedly struck the back-pedaling teacher at least once, Friel said.

"There was a physical attack and the teacher was struck during the attack and the student took her cell phone back from the teacher," Friel said.

"A male student came to the aid of the teacher and pulled the attacking student away from the teacher. So there was intervention by one of the male students, which is a good thing," Friel said.

Students were shocked by the aggressiveness of the girl's assault, but said the teacher held her ground, said the mother of the student witness.

The teacher summoned security officers who detained the girl, and an Aurora police resource officer on campus launched an investigation. The girl was not arrested but remains under investigation.

The mother of the student witness told 7NEWS that the teacher was cut. Friel could not confirm that, but said neither the teacher nor the student reported serious injuries.

Police believe that other students in the classroom may have taken cell phone pictures or video of the attack and officers would like to see them.

"It's possible that there may be recordings of this attack taking place, such as cell phone photographs or cell phone video," Friel said. "If anyone has that evidence of a crime we ask them to contact the police department. We would obviously like to get a copy of that for this case."

Aurora Public Schools spokeswoman Paula Hans declined to say whether the student has been suspended. Due to privacy laws, she said, the district does not discuss disciplinary action against students or staff.

"We are in the process of investigating allegations concerning a student and substitute teacher," Hans said in a statement. "Student and staff safety is a top priority at Hinkley High School and throughout Aurora Public Schools.

"We are committed to maintaining a safe environment in our schools and inappropriate behavior of any type will not be tolerated. We have contacted the Aurora Police Department about the allegations and are fully cooperating with their investigation. At this point, we have no further information because this incident is under investigation," the statement concluded.

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