Police: Missing Teen Seen With Man Involved In Prostitution

Jasmine Fike Remains Missing

Aurora police, Denver police and officers with the FBI Rocky Mountain Safe Streets Task Force said they worked throughout the night on leads to find a missing girl.

However, Jasmine Fike, 15, remains missing.

An Amber Alert for Fike and 37-year-old Franky Session was issued on Wednesday. The alert remains in effect even though Session was found, because police said they remained concerned about the teen's welfare.

On Thursday, a witness saw Fike along a section of East Colfax Avenue with a man who the witness reported was known to be involved in prostitution-related activity, according to Aurora police Detective Bob Friel.

Friel said investigators are working to identify the man who was seen with Jasmine.

On Wednesday, Friel said it's possible Fike ran away. She does have a history of running away, but indications are that she may have been taken, police said. There were signs of struggle in her home, Friel said.

"Until we find her, we can't rule anything out," Friel said.

Fike is about 5 feet, 5 inches tall and about 130 pounds with shoulder-length hair and hazel eyes. She may be wearing a school uniform, which includes dark blue sweat pants and a dark blue T-shirt with the words "Cottage" written on it, police said.

Mom: Jasmine Said 'Man Was Trying To Get Into The House'

Fike's mom, Nadine Hobart, told 7NEWS she got a phone call from her daughter, which started the police investigation.

"Jasmine called me at work and told me that a man was trying to get into the house," said Hobart.

Hobart called police at about 9 a.m., and when officers arrived at the home on South Olathe Street near East Mexico Avenue, the door to the home was wide open, and no one was inside, police said.

Police and Fike's mom indicated it appeared there was a struggle inside.

"In Jasmine's room, her nightstand is all knocked down; bedding is ripped off the bed," said Hobart. "It looks like there was a struggle in her room."

Fike Has Run Away Previously

Hobart admitted to 7NEWS that her daughter has run away before. She was adamant that was not the case this time.

"Jasmine has left before, but there was never a struggle and there was a note when she was having some problems," said Hobart. "This time, there's no note. There was a struggle and she had said she was afraid. and she has voiced her opinion that she was afraid for several weeks."

Hobart said in the past, her daughter would call even on the same day she left to say she was OK.

"I just need her home safe," said Hobart.

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