Police: Man Cut Through Wall To Avoid Bar Tab

Robert Engles Charged With Felony Menacing

A Boulder man is facing felony charges after witnesses said he cut through a plastic wall that surrounds the patio to avoid paying his $33 bar tab.

Police say 42-year-old Robert Engles could be charged with felony menacing, defrauding an innkeeper and criminal mischief.

The incident began when an employee at Centro Restaurant confronted Engles on Saturday night after he tried to leave the bar without paying his bill, according to the Boulder Daily Camera.

Engles ran onto the patio, pulled out a folding knife and cut through the plastic patio wall, according to the police report. However, once he was outside the plastic covering, he was trapped inside a metal fence that surrounds the patio, the police report said.

Witnesses told police that when Engles couldn't find an exit, he turned with the knife still in his hand and confronted the employee, according to the newspaper. The employee grabbed for the Engles' knife hand, while another employee jumped the metal fence from the other side and helped restrain him.

Police soon arrived and took him into custody. He remained in custody Monday afternoon on $5,000 bond.

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