Police Investigate Death Of Nursing Home Patient

Woodridge Park Nursing Home Was Subject Of CALL7 Investigation

An Adams County nursing home that was the subject of a CALL7 Investigation is now the focus of a criminal investigation by Commerce City Police after one of the patients died.

The injuries to Angela Guerra's face were serious and staff the Woodridge Park Nursing Home and Rehabilitation Center told her family, the 57-year old had run into a wall.

Guerra' son Joe and daughter Kayla were skeptical, especially after they said a hospital social worker told them, "The wounds on her face do not match up to the story [Woodridge Park] is saying, of her hitting a wall."

Since her injury in early December, Guerra was in and out of the hospital and died on Tuesday. The immediate cause of death is believed to be an unrelated infection, but her family still wants to know if she was abused while at Woodridge.

"We can take a look at, and will take a look at, to investigate whether they continue to qualify to maintain a license with the state," said Colorado Health Department division head Howard Roitman.

For six months, CALL7 Investigator John Ferrugia has been investigating Woodridge and its director, Angela Aragon-Herrera for serious issues involving lack of supervision and care of patients.

The health department has now cited the facility, once again, for not properly monitoring a vulnerable patient. The department is also removing future funding for new patients.

"The federal government would not pay the facility for any new residents coming in unless or until they get this problem fixed," said Roitman.

Woodridge Park Nursing Home has ten days to produce a plan to put changes into place, and if in six months the facility has not implemented the approved changes it could lose federal funding entirely.

Commerce City Police have interviewed the staff of Woodridge Park and will now speak with the doctors who treated Guerra.