Police: Impersonator Caught Pulling Over Deputy Sheriff

Huhman Was Driving Vehicle With Red, Blue Flashing Lights

A man posing as a police officer was arrested Monday night after he unknowingly pulled over a car driven by a real uniformed officer, Denver police said.

A sheriff's deputy said Darrick Ray Huhman, 25, pulled him over as he was driving his personal car but dressed in full uniform.

“When the suspect observed that, he just got into his car right way and took off,” said Denver Police Detective Sharon Hahn.

Huhman is facing a charge of impersonating a police officer, a class 6 felony.

Huhman refused to comment when asked about the incident Tuesday. Huhman, whose clothes were taken for evidence, wore a plastic jump suit after posting a $2,000 bond.

“The story will come out later,” Huhman told 7NEWS reporter Lane Lyon as he walked from the jail.

At one point, Huhman said he is a security guard, but would not elaborate. He instead spoke only to someone on his cell phone.

The deputy told police he was driving at about 8:30 p.m., when he was stopped on Chambers Road at East Andrews Drive by a vehicle he thought was an unmarked police car with tinted windows. It was a white Chevrolet Impala equipped with flashing red and blue lights, a siren and a red spotlight on the passenger's side door, according to police reports.

Real police officers soon stopped Huhman's vehicle at the on-ramp from North Chambers Road to westbound Interstate 70.

According to court documents obtained by 7NEWS, Huhman was wearing black BDU pants, a blue shirt with a badge printed on it, and a bullet-proof vest. Huhman was also carrying a Glock 34 .45 GAP semi-automatic pistol that was fully loaded, according to the document.

The uniformed deputy positively identified Huhman as the man who had stopped him a short time earlier in the evening.

A call to the sheriff’s deputy was not returned Tuesday. A spokesman for the Denver County Sheriff’s office told 7NEWS the officer works in the Court Services area which provides prisoner transportation and courtroom security. The spokesman said the deputy declined requests for interviews.

Denver police are talking to other police departments to see if there is a connection in the case or if Huhman could possibly be the person who has been impersonating officers in several other jurisdictions.

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