Police: Craigslist Scam Looks For Secret Shoppers

Victim Lost $2,000, Police Say

Police in Colorado Springs have issued a warning about a Craigslist job ad.

The ad is for a customer service job, but a man who applied for the job was told it's actually a job as a secret shopper, police said.

While those jobs do exist, police said the job hunter in this case was sent a check and asked to cash it, keep his fee and wire the remaining money to another secret shopper in another state.

Police said the victim did as instructed, but the check was fraudulent and the job hunter was out more than $2,000.

The Better Business Bureau in Denver said Craigslist continues to be saturated with scammers.

"Be very careful when making transactions on Craigslist and always read their fraud page, as it is often updated with the latest scams," the BBB said.

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