Police Arrest Suspect In Deadly Hit-And-Run

DU Grad Student Hit, Killed Walking Bike In Crosswalk

Denver police say they have arrested a suspect in a hit-and-run that killed a DU student last week.

Police traffic investigators told 7NEWS that a tip received about 9 p.m. Monday led officers to a red Jeep Cherokee parked on a street in Aurora.

Investigators said the Jeep had front-end damage that was consistent with the type of damage the hit-and-run collision would have caused.

Officers arrested 45-year-old Andrew James Simpson on suspicion of vehicular homicide and failure to report an accident involving death. Police said that Simpson does not own the Jeep, but did not identify who does own it.

"I hate to be coy, but quite frankly we made the arrest based on who we believe was driving," said Denver Police Sgt. Michael Farr.

Investigators told the mother of the victim, Masoud Bahramisharif, that the suspect confessed soon after his arrest, a family friend told 7NEWS.

Deadly Crash

Investigators said the 24-year-old Bahramisharif was walking his bicycle in a crosswalk near the DU campus when the SUV slammed into him last Thursday night.

Bahramisharif was thrown about 100 feet by the impact.

Police said the grad student’s bicycle became attached to the SUV and was pushed or dragged about 1 mile. Police found the bicycle near Asbury Avenue and Colorado Boulevard.

Bahramisharif died at Denver Health Medical Center.

"My son didn't live his complete life. He had so much more living to do," Masoud's mother, Parvin Zamanian told 7NEWS.

Zamanian had flown from Iran to visit her son in Denver when he was killed.

The mother learned that a suspect had been arrested in her son's death before she flew home to Iran Tuesday, a friend of Masoud's told 7NEWS.

Police told the victim's mother that the suspect had confessed soon after his arrest, a family friend told 7NEWS.

Witness Describes Arrest

A neighbor, who lives near the Hanover Street home where Simpson was arrested, said the suspect was partying at a friend's house when someone called police to report the red Jeep was parked there.

The neighbor noted that the Jeep had front-end damage. Denver police had been asking the public for days to help locate a red Jeep with such damage.

Police spent about six hours testing the Jeep, including swabbing the undercarriage, while Simpson and another man were detained in a police car last night, the neighbor said.

"I think it's a good thing that they found the suspect, because it has to bring closure to a family that is new to America and has come to America for a chance to learn at a popular college of ours in Colorado," the neighbor said.

Long Criminal History

Simpson has a 19-year criminal history in Colorado, including arrests for assault, domestic violence, theft, felony drug possession and parole violation.

He has twice been sentenced to state prison, once after pleading guilty to felony drug possession in Denver in 2003. The same year he was sentenced to prison after pleading guilty to attempting to provide false information to a pawn broker in Arapahoe County.

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