Police: 8th Grader Brought Pot Brownie To School

Another Student Treated At Kunsmiller Creative Arts Academy

A Denver eighth grader has been cited by police for bringing a brownie laced with marijuana onto school grounds, police said.

Denver Police spokesman John White told 7NEWS the eighth grader got the brownie from someone on the street and brought it to Kunsmiller Creative Arts Academy.

The girl shared the brownie with four to five friends, White said.

One of those students got sick and paramedics had to be called. The sick child, another eighth grader, was treated at the school and did not have to go to the hospital, White said.

The eighth-grade girl who brought the brownie to the school was cited on suspicion of unlawful acts on school grounds and possession or consumption of marijuana, White said.

Peter Castillo, the principal of Kunsmiller, sent home a letter to parents of students which said in part:

"All students and parents are encouraged to let us know about any questionable behavior, incidents or concerns, whether they occur during the school day or during activities or programs organized through the school.

"Please be assured that the safety of students is a top priority at Denver Public Schools and Kunsmiller. I am available at any time to discuss any other questions or concerns you may have regarding this matter."

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