Pizza Deliveryman Turns In Pot User

User Says He Is Medical Marijuana Patient

A man who ordered a pizza after using medical marijuana got more than he bargained for when the delivery man called police.

The pizza delivery man says he called police because he was worried about the welfare of a 9-year-old child in the house.

"I was in the privacy of my own home, and he saw absolutely nothing inside my home to make that assertion," medical marijuana patient Frederick Smith told 7NEWS.

"He smelled marijuana, sure, I had smoked a bowl a little while before he showed up, but that was it," Smith said. "He never saw A. me smoking, B. my child, or C. me smoking front of my child (which I don't do, for health reasons)."

Police investigated and left without filing any charges.

The delivery company, a Papa John's franchise, says the delivery man was acting as a concerned citizen and it stands behind him. The delivery man was not identified.

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