Pit Bulls Euthanized In El Paso County

Dogs Put Down After Owner Fails To Pay Shelter

Several pit bulls suspected of attacking a pair of El Paso County teenagers have been put down, after the dogs' owner allegedly failed to pay required fees.

The Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region said that one dog was a stray, and was euthanized a week after the Nov. 12 attack.

But the others, ranging in age from a few months to 8 years, had been sheltered ever since.

Society spokeswoman Ann Hagerty said owner Staci Willison never paid the $1,200 in fees for keeping the dogs at the shelter.

State law requires owners to pay a boarding fee if their animals are sent to a shelter under court order.

Hagerty said Willison was given several chances to pay, and was offered a payment plan.

But Willison said she did not have the money.

Chad Mondragon Jr, 16, and his sister, Shanna Derringer, 14, said the pit bulls attacked them without warning at their rural home near Hanover.

The siblings suffered scrapes on their arms and backs, but were not seriously hurt.

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