Pit Bulls Attack Aurora Collie As Council Considers Ban

Pet Was Chained In Yard When Attack Occurred

Three pit bulls fatally mauled a border collie in Aurora Wednesday, just 24 hours before the City Council discussed how to handle the breed.

The collie had extensive injuries from the attack and was euthanized at an animal hospital and the three pit bulls were impounded, the newspaper reported.

The collie was chained in the back yard when the dogs attacked, said her owner Christine Daniels. She told 7News her collie was still alive after the attack, but had severe injuries to his throat.

The owner of the pit bulls was cited for have dogs at large and other infractions of city ordinances.

"ItÂ’s very sad. It's disappointing that people who own dogs like this don't contain them better," Councilwoman Kathy Green told the Sentinel. She represents Ward II, where the attack took place.

The council heard proposal from the Code Enforcement and Redevelopment Committee Thursday on what action the city should take regarding the breed.

The committee didn't recommend a full ban, but instead suggested exisiting pit bulls be allowed to stay in the city by be "grandfathered" in.

The proposal would require that the pit bulls be licensed and have microchips with identifying information. The owners also would have to be at least 21 years of age and would have to post a notice of having a pit bull on their property.

The council will vote on the proposal in October.

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