Pit Bull Sneaks Through Doggie Door, Attacks Sleeping Couple

Viscous Dog Broke Through Fence In Middle Of Night

A pit bull in Fort Collins is on lockdown, after it attacked a young couple and their three dogs in the middle of the night.

Matt Singmaster and his fiancé, Kesna Wells, were sound asleep when the neighbor's pit bull broke through their fence and sneaked in their doggie door.

The pit bull attacked two of the couple's three dogs and bit Singmaster several times on the arm. Singmaster eventually wrestled it outside.

"And then the dog just stood out in the front yard and stared us down. Like a stalker," said Wells.

"It didn't listen to human commands and it wasn't scared. Maybe a little confused, but it was just out to bite and attack everything in site," said Singmaster.

The attack happened early on Thanksgiving Day morning.

The pit bull is now on "home bite confinement" for 10 days, which means it is not allowed outside its owner's house.

The Larimer County Humane Society said after 10 days of confinement the 50-pound dog will likely be put down or surrendered to a breed rescue group.

The humane society said the dog's owner has been cooperative and compliant since the attack.

"We opened our eyes and right there in the doorway was this dog that definitely wasn't ours. And right when we got out of bed, the dog attacks Tassie (one of the couple's three dogs)," said Wells.

Singmaster then tried to fight off the pit bull, which had gone after a second dog, the couple's 13-year-old Lab.

"It broke my hold and latched onto our 13-year-old Lab," said Singmaster. "I started pulling on it, but it had Shoedaka's ear, and I knew pulling on it was going to bring Shoedaka's ear too, so I let go."

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