Pit Bull Owner Fined $780; Dog's Fate Unknown

Mario Gonzales Pleads Guilty To Owning Vicious Dog

The Edgewater man who owned two dogs that chased a mailman and then attacked responding police officers has pleaded guilty to owning a vicious animal and has been fined $780.

In court on Tuesday, Mario Gonzales said he was sorry about the mail carrier being chased.

"It's not something we wanted," Gonzales said. He said this was a "tragic accident" and that he "went above and beyond to secure his yard and could not foresee the dogs jumping through the screen window."

A postal worker called 911 on Aug. 1 to report that two dogs jumped through a window and were chasing him. When Edgewater police arrived, the dogs attacked officers, biting one in the groin area, police said.

Gonzales was initially charged with two counts of owning a vicious dog, two counts of animals running at large and two counts of having no rabies tags.

On Tuesday, he agreed to a plea deal with the city attorney and pleaded no contest to two counts of owning a vicious dog. The other charges were dropped.

7NEWS has found out that Gonzales had other vicious dog complaints in 2006 and also last May.

One of Gonzales' dog, a Rottweiler, was shot and killed by police.

The other, a 1-year-old American pit bull, was just turned over to police this past weekend and is awaiting its fate at an animal shelter.

On Aug. 23, a municipal judge will determine the fate of the pit bill named "Spooky."

The officer who was bitten by the Rottweiler is recovering and is back to work at the police department.

The postal carrier, who had refused to deliver mail to that neighborhood until the second dog was found, has resumed service to the 2400 block of Newland Street. He told 7NEWS he had to run down two houses, jump on a porch swing and shove mail into the dog's mouth while he called 911.

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