Peeping Tom Spotted Inside Portable Toilet

Witnesses At Hanuman Yoga Festival Spot Man Covered In Tarp, Feces, Police Say

Boulder police are searching for a Peeping Tom who lurks under a portable toilet.

A woman told police she saw something moving in the tank under the toilet at the Hanuman Yoga Festival on Friday near Boulder High School. She told police she walked out of the toilet and asked a nearby man to look inside.

"He didn't believe her at first because it is a little unusual to see something like that," said Kim Kobel, a spokeswoman with the Boulder Police Department. "So he went in, not thinking he would see anything, and did indeed find a man in the tank of the portable toilet."

He told police he saw someone inside the tank, covered in a tarp.

A festival security supervisor was called. He told police he tried to detain a man who came out of the portable toilet a few minutes later who was covered in feces, but the man ran away.

"The security supervisor mentioned that she had seen the man who was in the toilet a few days prior, possibly bathing in the creek," said Kobel. "That is why we think he might be a transient, and some people might know him. It's why we are asking people to get in touch with our detectives."

If he is found, he could face a charge of criminal attempt to commit unlawful sexual contact.

The Peeping Tom is described as a white man, about 20 years old, who was very tall -- approximately 6 foot 4 inches to 6 foot 8 inches tall, police said.

The man had short, dark hair. He was wearing leather bracelets on his wrists, dark gray sweatpants and no shirt or shoes, police said.

Witnesses told police the man had several cuts on his back and legs. One witness told police the man may be a transient who uses the name "Sky."

If you recognize the Peeping Tom's description or saw the incident, please call Detective Jeremy Frenzen at 303-441-1890.

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