Parker Neighbors Feud Over Wind Chimes

Ford Family Given Citation For Disturbing The Peace

At 7:30 on a Wednesday night, you can hear David Ford's wind chimes flapping in the wind, but the airplane flying overhead sounds louder.

Still, the couple living next door to Ford, on Pine Top Street, said the chimes are too loud and they want them gone.

So in October 2007, they called the Parker police and a citation for disturbing the peace was issued. Ford and his mother, Hoa Binh Thi Nguyen, had to go to court.

A judge dismissed the claims, and the wind chimes stayed.

However, the homeowner's association got involved and asked them to make at least one concession, and Ford and his mother agreed.

"They asked us to tie up our wind chimes after dark and not untie them until 9 in the morning," said Ford.

Ford said he and his mother have worked hard to abide to the request but sometimes they don't make it home in time for dark. When that happens, Ford said the couple next door calls the cops.

Parker police told 7NEWS everytime that happens, they have to come out and investigate and since the two neighbors can't seem to find common ground, the Fords will soon receive another citation and be forced to go to court again.

"In being unable to work out a resolution with the neighbors, she is now being charged with a prohibitions ordinance that it shall be unlawful for any person to make cause or continue to make a noise that disturbs another," said Parker police spokeswoman Sara Walla.

Neighbors next door, behind and down the street told 7NEWS the whole thing was absurd. In fact, Ford showed us a petition several signed in support of his mother's wind chimes.

"It's just a shame that these things have to go to this extreme," said June Doyle.

"It's inane," said Lee Letts.

"I feel like the people at the end of our street need to find something better to do than pick on neighbors," said Virginia Letts.

Ford's neighbors declined a request for an interview, but in a statement said, "(The Fords) are in violation of HOA and Parker ordinances ... they've been ticketed. It's been an ongoing issue one way or another for the past year."

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