Parker Considers Ban On Pit Bulls

No new pit bulls would be allowed in Parker under an ordinance being considered by the Town Council.

Parker's mayor said that if the proposal passes, residents who already have pit bulls will be allowed to keep the dogs but must apply for and receive a pit bull or restricted breed dog license. They would also have to adhere to strict restrictions, such as muzzling their dog in public. If any of the conditions are not met, the dogs could be impounded.

The council said it is considering the ordinance as a measure to protect residents.

"Some experts believe that a combination of agility, stamina and strength, together with a genetic predisposition to aggressiveness, makes pit bulls uniquely dangerous, even to their owners, especially where improperly raised or trained," said the town council, in a public release.

This ordinance was approved by the Town Council on first reading on Monday, Dec. 19.

The public is invited to discuss the proposal at the town council meeting on Jan. 17 at 7 p.m.

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