Owner Retrieves Bike Taken By 'Drunk'

Bike Was Taken By 'Drunk' Who Left It At Police Station

A bicycle owner said he bears no grudges against a remorseful drunk who returned his bike with a handwritten note of apology after it was stolen for a ride home.

Aspen resident Jay Maytin said he is just happy to be back on his bicycle.

The Pitkin County Sheriff's Office said the bike was left near the sheriff's office and police department Friday night. The note said "Sorry. I stole this bike. I rode it home. Please give it back." It was signed "Drunk."

Police tell the Aspen Times there were no witnesses.

Maytin said he saw the Times article about the bicycle Saturday and went to authorities. He said he had gone to his wife’s law office the day before and left the bicycle outside unlocked. When he came to pick it up, it was gone, Maytin said.

“I knew a drunk took it because it doesn't have much of a re-sale value,” Maytin told the Times.

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