Owner Finds Rare Parrots Decapitated

Intruder Broke Into Backyard Aviary In Bennett

A Bennett woman has found a number of her pet parrots killed and decapitated.

Cherie Morales said five of her seven Greater Vasa parrots were killed in their aviary on Wednesday. Morales said she found two of the birds decapitated. Three were discovered dead with broken necks inside the cage.

Morales said she kept the aviary shut in her enclosed backyard, but she found the gate to the cage wide open when she returned home.

"When I saw that gate open, I immediately thought, 'Oh no,'" Morales said. "Then, I started seeing bodies and bodies without heads."

Morales said two of her African Grey parrots were inside the cage as well but were unharmed. Two other Greater Vasa parrots escaped. One of those birds came back to Morales, but she is still looking for the other one.

"Whomever went in was able to grab them right away," Morales said. "Who would do something like this? Take an animal this sweet and break their necks?"

Morales' neighbor, David Lewis, helped her pick up the bodies. He said the scene was horrific.

"It looked like a battle had happened and then the bad people left and left all this aftermath of dead little bodies," Lewis said.

The Adams County Sheriff's Department said it is investigating the case. Morales posted a $1,000 reward on Craigslist for anyone who provides information that leads to an arrest.

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