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"What's that?": Discovering new, old developments in Aurora, Stapleton area

Posted at 9:04 AM, May 31, 2019
and last updated 2019-05-31 11:31:06-04

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DENVER — Have you found yourself asking "What's that?" after seeing all of the new developments and businesses around the Denver metro area? This week, we looked at three different locations to answer Denver7 viewers' questions.

Dominick L. emailed Denver7 and asked, “Whats that? It’s a unique building with a strange name. Looks like an adventure waiting to happen. This is located off Montview near Central Park Blvd. next to Stapleton veterinarian."

The building is a 21,000-square feet indoor climbing facility called Ubergrippen.

It’s in the middle of a quiet neighborhood and offers classes, as well as recreation time.

“We have a very young population that comes in here and then we have some very seasoned climbers," said owner Jake Crines.

Ubergrippen is open from 6 a.m-10 p.m. Monday through Friday and from 8 a.m.-8 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday,

Janna O. also emailed Denver7 this week asking about construction in Aurora.

“What is the huge hole they are digging near my grandkids school (Summit Elementary School at 18201 E. Quincy Ave.)? It is the deepest hole I’ve ever seen. There is also a very tall crane," she asked.

The hole is a part of the Wemlinger Chlorine Contact Chamber Project that includes building three new structures at the water treatment plant on Quincy Avenue.

According to Aurora Water, this will help improve the water treatment process and allow Aurora Water staff to disinfect more water. Work is expected to be complete by summer 2020.

Back in Stapleton, Linda H. asked “What’s that? There appears to be development going on at 40th Avenue and Central Park on the southside.”

This area is a part of the Stapleton Business Now development. No word yet on who will move into this particular space, but it will be developed to be mixed-use.

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